Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tie Dye Fuuun!

Long time, no crafty! :-)

Hello! I am back with a fun, fast, and inexpensive project! I recently bought a $5 tie dye kit at Michael's that came with 5 colors. The box said it was enough for 15 shirts -- ha!! I ran out of dye after 3 baby onesies and a tank top, that's why the t-shirt is a bit more muted. I already had the shirts on hand (dingy white clothes that needed new life), so this really only cost me the kit. But most craft stores stock cheap t-shirts in kids and adult sizes.

I simply followed the directions in the box. Except the instructions weren't that clear for the designs, so I took to Google and found these awesome tutorials.

My favorite is the freestyled butterfly. My baby is obsessed with butterflies. :-)  One tip, don't get the shirt too saturated with dye if you don't want a lot of bleeding to happen. The butterfly looked a lot more crisp before I went dye-crazy! ;-)

I hope you enjoy this project and will give some new life to your clothing!

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